2021 Spring Trend Dangle Earrings

Dalmeda Carson

What’s one of the hottest trends in jewelry for spring 2021?  Well, it’s definitely long dangle earrings.  Length is all about creating attention and drama. Earrings that are long enough to graze your shoulders accentuates the neckline. We’ve certainly seeing a lot more of it lately with virtual meetings.  Getting the correct angle to make your neck look slimmer can be a challenge. Long earrings help make the neck appear smaller.  Our eyes are naturally drawn to the sides of the face when earrings hang thus, creating a slimming silhouette.  Surely this is a statement piece of the season.  

Blue Chip Dangle Earrings

Fine silver tone wire wrapped around each piece of glass adding the illusion of defying gravity as they seem suspend which looks in mid air. 



Dalmeda Designs created these looks by repurposing glass bottles into a gravity defying pieces of wearable art. Recycling and repurposing fashion has become trendy and very necessary in our current environment.  “Almost 10 milliton metric tons of glass are thrown away annually which is completely recyclable” (Jacoby, 2/11/19). Glass is such a great conductor of light because of its transparency.  Light is what reflects through them creating translucency.

Circle of Love Dangle Earrings made with Red glass and gold tone wire

Circle of Love Dangle Earrings

Gold tone wire wrapped around each piece of red glass creating its own style. Glass beads create a circle of  illusion in defying gravity.

The design construction gives way to a sense of heavy versus light. These earrings go well with either for day or evening looks. So make sure your neck is moisturized and add a pair of dangle pair of earrings to your jewelry collection. 



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